fall favorites

even though i have only ever lived in california and grew up in la, i have always been a fan of true seasons. sometimes, it seems like summer never ends here. so you can imagine how happy i was this week when the weather shifted from blistering hot days to just enough overcast to make me not blast my a/c and even snuggle up with my favorite throw blanket.

here are two of the things i’ve missed most…

is it really fall if i am not enjoying red wine and lighting an obscene number of candles throughout my place?

i just don’t enjoy red wine as much during the warmer months so when nocking point sent this amazing malbec as part of my quarterly subscription, i couldn’t wait to try it. and after the long work week i’ve had, there is something so soothing about scent of lavender and vanilla. my friend hayley told me about this insane sale bath and body works was having last month on candles and i ordered a variety of scents. this lavender vanilla one has been my favorite by far.

with the weather cooling down, i will definitely be posting more about wardrobe since this is a season i actually like to dress for.

what are some of your fall favorites?

enjoy your weekend!


k. tap

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