finally, fall weather!


that is how many miles i had to travel to finally be able wear this cardigan i bought a full month ago. while i love living in la, this week on the east coast has been wonderful because i absolutely love real fall weather. is anyone else a sucker for actual seasons?

i have been chaperoning an extensive east coast college tour. today is day three and we have toured six universities (and still have a few more to go). it has been great to be able to see the amazement on the faces of my students. it has also been great to be able to wear pieces of my fall wardrobe. i have had this cardigan on my list of things to blog about for quite some time but with la having 95 degree weather all throughout october, it just wasn’t an option.

the good news? i have been able to wear so many sweaters, jackets and scarves since arriving to the east coast!

the bad news? this beauty is already sold out! i got it for just under $30 from forever 21. i have linked some other soft and cozy cardigans in a variety of sizes and at a similar price point from forever 21 for you to check out.







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