colourpop hyaluronic tinted moisturizer

colourpop strikes again!


as you may know from both my post yesterday and my snaps on the gram, i am currently on the east coast for work.  i am still blogging from boston and while exhausted am loving every minute of it.  with that being said, i wanted to be able to sleep in as long as possible but still look refreshed even if i am battling major jet lag.  i tend to be an all or nothing person when it comes to makeup.  i essentially have three levels.  zero makeup whatsoever.  full face.  full face with lashes.  that all changed this morning.  well technically, it changed at the end of september.


colourpop released hyaluronic tinted moisturizers in 24 shades.  something i greatly appreciated was that they had swatches for every single shade on that exact skin tone.  even still, i had never owned a tinted moisturizer, concealer or liquid foundation.  so what did i do? i sent a text to my girl ashton with the two shades i was stuck between and she told me deep dark 22 n would be perfect for my skin tone.


now, the main reason why i wanted to purchase this (aside from the ultra affordable price point of $14) is because i wanted to add a fourth level to my makeup.  instead of jumping from zero makeup to a full face to a full face with lashes, it seemed like there had to be something between zero makeup and a full face that i was missing.


that is wear colourpop’s hyaluronic tinted moisturizer comes in.




it is lightweight yet somehow has completely full coverage.  a little goes an incredibly long way.  it works easily into the skin and can be done with your fingertips or a beauty blender.  there is truly a color for everyone.  and it wears so well across a long day.




the photo above was taken after over seven hours of wear and after doing walking tours of two college campuses.  the best part?  my makeup took me less than 10 minutes to apply today.  of course, i primed my face with my favorite serum and sunscreen but after that, it was a cakewalk.  i filled in my brows a bit, lined the bottom of my eyes, applied a bit of blush to warm up my cheeks, a brightening finishing powder all over and a couple of different highlighters for a bit of a glow.  i finished it off with setting spray, mascara and of course, my lip balm and matte lipstick combo.


what i love is that my face looks fresh yet it looks finished.  i cannot recommend colourpop’s hyaluronic tinted moisturizer enough.


do you have a favorite tinted moisturizer? i would love to hear about it.



k. tap



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