brunch = bottomless mimosas + breakfast burgers

i have no idea why it took me this long to do this post because if you follow me on instagram, you know i am at this place on any weekend i am not out of town.  plate 38 in pasadena has become a staple for me since moving back to los angeles in 2017.  i will be forever grateful to opentable for the recommendation.


now, let me tell you just a few reasons why i love plate 38 so much:

  1. their brunch is phenomenal (whether you are someone who loves savory or someone who loves sweet) and they serve these delicious bottomless mimosas in wine glasses or goblets instead of champagne flutes.  cheers to that!
  2. the service is awesome – the staff really makes an effort to get to know their customers and it shows.
  3. their happy hour happens daily and has something for everyone – i would highly recommend the tuna tartare tacos! also, on mondays, happy hour is from 3pm to closing!!
  4. they take reservations via opentable and i have never waited longer than five minutes upon arriving if i made one.
  5. the chef has daily dinner specials and they are definitely made with love.


while i have tried a variety of items from the brunch menu, my go to meal is the breakfast burger with an order of garlic herb fries.  i get my burger the same way every single time (and my favorite waitress knows this by heart) – patty cooked medium rare, egg over medium, side of ranch and don’t forget the tapatio.  brunch is not complete without bottomless mimosas.




if you are considering going to plate 38 and need a recommendation, i am happy to help. if you have already been, what is your favorite thing on the menu?  my mom is OBSESSED with the slow roasted pork sandwich.  on the rare occasion i am craving something sweet, the ricotta blueberry pancakes hit the spot.





k. tap


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