thought of the week: may you never forget

it is something i have been guilty of but have been vehemently working on.  it is something that i hear my friends and family do often.  it is something i hear my clients do daily.


i hear people regularly dismiss the work that they have done to get to where they are now.  it is almost as if we have convinced ourselves that we are not worthy of praise if we have not accomplished the biggest goal on the checklist.  but here’s a thought?  what about the 20 smaller goals you had to accomplish in order to even be able to stand tall or strong enough to reach the biggest goal on the list?  have you given yourself credit for accomplishing any of those?


as we approach finals week at the school i work at, i was searching for the right quote for the whiteboard on my office (that i update weekly).  i logged into pinterest today and without doing any kind of exploring, this was literally the very first quote i saw.  sometimes, the internet gods really do pull through.




“may you never forget how far you have come and the miles it took just to get to this place.” –morgan harper nichols 


i really love this quote.  one of the reasons it is great is because it is not telling you to stop where you are or to settle, it is simply reminding you to bask in the goodness of where you are in this very moment.  you did not get to where you are overnight.  and while there still might be a ways to go to reach your final destination, you are not where you started and that alone is something to be celebrated.


i want you to take a minute and think of where you are in this very moment – think of every action you have done to put yourself in the place you are in now.  have you celebrated that?  if not, there is no time like the present.  i am cheering for you from afar.



k. tap

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