thought of the week: be too busy

first off, let me apologize for the week long delay between posts.  i was slammed at work in a way that had me totally depleted by the time i got home – so depleted that i was falling asleep fully clothed with all the lights on in my house.  sometimes, it be like that.


anyway, as the year and decade comes to a close, i have seen people posting some interesting things online.  so many of them are contemplative – really going over what to leave behind in 2019 or the 10s and what to take into 2020/the new decade.  i think there was a point in time where i was measuring success in a way that was far from healthy – it was about what i was doing in relation to my peers.  but here’s the thing: i am not on the same journey as any of them.  some might look similar but no two are identical.  for that reason, i started making a point to simply compare me to me.


i often ask myself am i in a better place than i was at this time last year?  am i a better person than i was at this time six months ago?  have i learned new things about myself that allow me to live more fully than i was three months ago?  let me tell you this – my life quality has improved because i have constantly been improving.  sometimes, it is harder to see day to day but it is definitely something i can easily notice from season to season or year to year.


i had brunch with my friend jude this sunday.  she is one of my soul sisters and founded in her shoes, a community built around catalyzing courage.  she tends to keep in line by reminding me to make time for myself.  she also frequently drops these gems without even realizing it.  this morning, as dj khaled would say, there was another one.




“be too busy watering your own grass to check, wonder, or compare if yours is greener.  but really.”  -xx jude


if my 2020 is busy, this is what it will be busy with – pouring back into me.


when is the last time you simply watered your own grass without looking at or thinking about your neighbor’s for comparison/inspiration?



k. tap

4 thoughts on “thought of the week: be too busy

  1. Tannisha Garrison

    Thanks for that gem Kris, I too needed that reminder as a lot of us tend to compare ourselves to others. As you stated so very well, there journey is not mind so let me forcus on self.


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