the best bath bombs

one of my favorite ways to decompress is in the bathtub.  i can honestly spend hours in the tub whether it be in silence, with a great playlist, with my macbook sitting on an ottoman streaming a show i am behind on or just stretched out with a good book.  i am all about ways to enhance my bathing experience.  because my work wife (reens) knows this about me, she surprised me last week with a dozen bath bombs.




life around 2 angels is a california based brand and can be purchased via etsy or amazon (you’ll get them extra fast if you are a prime member).  what i love most about them aside from how wonderful they smell and how soft/silky my skin felt afterwards is that there was not an ounce of color in my white bathtub afterwards.  the first bomb i used was the black raspberry vanilla and when i saw the deep eggplant color spread throughout my bathwater, i was holding my breath just thinking about how much i would need to scrub the tub afterwards.  that could not have been further from the truth.


i noticed that i did not need to apply as much lotion post bath because the bomb served as a gentle moisturizer without leaving a residue on my skin.  while i could smell hints of berry and vanilla on my skin afterwards, it was not overpowering and did not clash with the perfume i wear almost daily.  after looking on amazon, there is a reason why with over 7800 reviews, life around 2 angels has five stars.


i am already dreaming about my next bath. the hardest decision will be what scent to use next.


what is your favorite way to enhance your bath?



k. tap

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