bath essentials

if you know me personally or have been following along for a bit, you know i love baths. i use them as a space to relax, clear my mind and just be. i definitely view a long bath as a form of self care. if i have a restless night of sleep, i will often take a bath to recalibrate and be more centered before starting my work day.

there are many components to the perfect bath but the item that has transformed my time in the tub is this bamboo bathtub caddy.

my friend carolynn got it for my birthday and it is such a game changer. there is space for absolutely everything. i am usually one of those people struggling to figure out where to sit my wine glass, my ipad or macbook, different bath bombs, soaps or scrubs i am using, whatever book i’ve been reading, a candle and anything else you can think of without getting something wet that isn’t waterproof or accidentally knocking something over. hint: that something has been my wine glass on more than one occasion. *face palm*

i think it will be hard for me to take another bath if i don’t have this caddy as part of it. so if you’re at home due to covid-19 and looking for ways to up your self care game, this caddy is available on amazon prime.

thank you so much, lynnie!

what things make your bath experience better?


k. tap

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