morning glory

last weekend was action packed – from hosting five girlfriends from the bay for 36 hours in la to a quick trip to san diego to spend some quality time with my friend hillary, there was never a dull moment.


i get down to san diego pretty often and while there are bars/restaurants i frequent (like smoking gun), i also feel like hillary makes an effort to take me somewhere new every single time i visit.  this time, we went to three or four places i had never been but there was one that stood out above all: morning glory.


both hillary and lauren assured me it would be worth the wait and to just commit to drinking at a nearby bar no matter the wait time.  that is just what we did after being told (around 1pm) that the wait would be two hours.  they took down our number and said they would text when ready.  we had drinks and oysters at a couple of different places and got lucky enough to have our table ready about 30 minutes ahead of schedule.  the good thing is there are plenty of restaurants and bars nearby to kill time at while waiting so it actually isn’t absolutely terrible.  as soon as i walked in, i saw why it was worth the wait.




the space is absolutely breathtaking and is every girly girl’s dream.  tons of pink, metallics and beautiful dessert bars and cocktails everywhere you look.  i was lucky enough to dine with two people who are not picky eaters so we each picked one item for the table to share.  even though i love savory items, lauren insisted that the pancakes were to die for and let me tell you this: no lies were told.




they are the fluffiest pancakes i have ever had and are lightly dusted with powdered sugar then served with butter, fresh whipped cream and syrup.  there was not a single bite left on the plate.


hillary chose both the fried rice and the bacon.  i did not understand the hype over the bacon until it arrived.




and lastly, i ordered the fried chicken salad.  it was seasoned perfectly, crisp and delicious.




now, onto the drinks.  the menu was extensive and that doesn’t even include the champagne vending machine.  the drinks are as tasty as they are beautiful.




the first photo is a spiked strawberry italian soda.  there was something so nostalgic and delightful about it.  the second one is the sakura bloom and i don’t say no to drinks with vodka or egg whites  the third drink is their bellini.  could the glass be more beautiful?  and the last one is foster’s freeze which is bourbon based.  while i did not try it since dark liquor does not like me as much, it looked like something worth sipping, especially if you like bourbon or banana.


i have included snapshots of the menu (specifically for cocktails) below for your reference but i really cannot say enough about morning glory.  the food, drinks, service and ambiance we are all well worth the wait.  it is definitely a place i will be retuning to on my next visit to san diego.



k. tap

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