because so many of my friends know i am an avid reader, i was gifted some really amazing books for my 30th birthday.  i am incredibly fortunate to work with some phenomenal human beings and many of them are these powerful women who are simply forces to be reckoned with.  amanda is one of those forces so of course, it came as no surprise that she gifted me two books that are written by strong women.  let me introduce you to “corazón” – a raw book of poems by yesika salgado.



the cover and title alone reeled me in.  then as i started to read, there were so many things i connected with.  yesika is a woman of color, plus sized and an la native.  she writes about life, love, lust, heartache, her body and her soul.  she is bold and unapologetic. she covers topics some would be afraid or ashamed to touch. i love her.


i don’t think there was a single poem i did not love but here are some for you to enjoy:



did you have a favorite?  let me know in the comments below!  if you are yearning for more, you can find “corazón” by yesika salgado here.


i know i will be reading a lot more while quarantined.  if you have any recommendations, send them my way.



k. tap

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