thought of the week: appreciate the ones who…

while the number of hours i spend working a week have oddly increased during quarantine, i also have the occasional gap in my day that allows time for self reflection or connection with important people in my life.

with all of the uncertainty in the world right now, it is even more important to lean on one another. vulnerability is grossly underrated.

my thought of the week, courtesy of billy chapata, is simple yet powerful:

“appreciate the ones who carry your concerns when your soul feels heavy. the ones who put their load down for a brief moment to check in on you and make you feel lighter. the ones who resist from weighing you down with their opinion but instead, offer you a space free of judgement.”

there is something beautiful and unifying about someone putting their loads down, even just for a moment, to be sure that those they love are doing okay. that space becomes even more desirable when it is judgment free.

this pandemic has created a lot of stress and reignited some grief, loss and trauma for those who have lost someone either unexpectedly or due to something respiratory related.

i have had a lot of people reach out to me to ask me what they can do to help and i think oftentimes, we think if it is not something that helps millions of people, it isn’t helpful. i strongly disagree.

check in on your loved ones, especially the ones who normally hold others up. schedule a facetime or two per day to just remind those closest to you that you love them and that they are not alone during this time.

for all of those who have checked in on me, agreed to scheduling a facetime, answered an unscheduled facetime or just sent me a text or dm to inquire about the wellness of me, my family and my clients, i love you more than you know.

for those of you who normally are slow to initiate contact with your loved ones, i couldn’t think of a better time to start.

stay safe out there.


k. tap

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