something i noticed in the couple of weeks i have been working from home is the amount of time i spend in front of a screen.  whether it be a video conference, updating spreadsheets or responding to dozens of emails, i am in front of a screen at least 5x the amount i typically am during a work day.  that being said, i do not just want to spend my time quarantined binging shows (even though i definitely will do some of that).  i have decided to read (and post) a book per week.  not only is it guaranteed time away from a screen (because i refuse to read on a kindle/ipad), it is guaranteed time to have my mind focus on something other than covid-19 and its effect on the world as a whole and each of my clients.  sometimes, we all just need a healthy distraction.


this week, my distraction was the revised and expanded version of “inward” by yung pueblo.  it was one of the gifts i received for my 30th birthday that i know will be revisited time and time again.  that’s the thing about a great book – it never goes out of style.  thank you so much, jenny.  it was exactly what i didn’t know i needed.



in many ways, “inward” mirrors the types of conversations i have with jenny over sushi or coffee. it made me happy to realize how much we’ve both grown in both vulnerability and being able to ask for help when needed. “inward” highlights how you can challenge yourself while still being gentle with yourself. the two can definitely coexist.

below are some of my favorite poems.  the book is full of words that stopped me in my tracks, jumpstarted deep reflection and made me grateful of the progress i have made thus far while acknowledging the work that still needs to be done.



to get a copy of “inward” without leaving your home, click here.

is there a poem above that resonated with you? which one and why?



k. tap



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