thought of the week: do it scared

i wish i could tell you that today was filled with productivity but if i am being honest, i slept for the bulk of the day (this is spring break at the school where i work), watched more television than i ordinarily would and had a few calls with friends.  coping with covid has definitely been a rollercoaster, especially as someone that lives alone.


that being said, on days where i have been more productive and feeling up for more socialization, i have been challenging myself.  challenging myself to be more vulnerable. challenging myself to have conversations i have been putting off.  challenging myself to put myself out there in ways i would not typically do.  if quarantine has taught me anything, it has taught me the importance of connection and not taking it for granted.


my thought was each thing that i did to challenge myself would bring me to a point where i would no longer be fearful at all.  that has not been the case.  but here’s the thing…




“sometimes the fear won’t go away, so you’ll have to do it scared”


i have been doing plenty of scary things and so far, i have not had a single regret.


what is a conversation or challenge you have been putting off due to fear that could be conquered during covid-19?



k. tap

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