what i can’t live without while working from home

hey there! i know many of you are adjusting to working from home like i am while we are quarantined due to the shelter in place order. something i noticed were my eyes being super sore or having headaches far more frequently than what i am used to. this was even happening after getting enough rest and being properly hydrated. i was baffled.

flash forward to a couple of conversations with friends from college and i had my answer: i am not used to working behind a screen all day. as someone that works as a counselor, the bulk of my work is done face to face. i might spend an hour a day on emails and client notes but the bulk of my day is spent looking at faces and body language, not a computer screen. i hadn’t considered the impact of the blue light on my vision.

that’s where my glasses from the book club come in:

not only have the headaches and sore eyes gone away, but i am absolutely obsessed with how cute these are. they have a few different styles but i was aiming for something neutral, durable and stylish. and for just $40 from nordstrom, i couldn’t say no. plus, whenever i can rack up points to get a new nordstrom note, i do.

once we are back in the office, i will likely get a pair to keep at my desk. i have found myself using them even when blogging just to have a layer of protection/separation between my eyes and the screens i spend so much time looking at on a day to day basis.

i don’t know how i went so long without these! they surely would’ve come in handy while in grad school. but now, with me working from home, i couldn’t live without these.


k. tap

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