thought of the week: one of my favorite feelings

earlier today, i was on facetime with my friend galina and we were talking about the highs and lows of being quarantined.  while our highs included still being employed and able to work from the safety of our own homes, carving out time for long bubble baths and our families being healthy, one of the lows for us both was that in person connectivity that just cannot be matched from behind a screen.


it was refreshing to have a candid conversation about everything that is going on in the world but what was more refreshing was to have candid conversations about everything else.  we might be in a pandemic but that does not mean we have to avoid conversations about work, friends, family, love and life as a whole.  today, i got to belly laugh while hours flew by and my bottle of sauvignon blanc disappeared more quickly than i would like to admit.  i thought about how fortunate i am to still have people and things to belly laugh with and about.  it reminded me of this quote my friend jessie posted a couple of days ago…




“i think one of my favorite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing half way through how much you enjoy them and their existence.”


amidst all of the bullshit going on, i want you to stop for just a moment and think about the people who make you laugh in a way where you feel it with your whole body.  think about the kind of people who can even make you laugh that way.  it is usually people who love and get you in ways most others don’t.  it makes you grateful to know them, love them and be loved by them.


today, i am grateful for the existence of so many people.  that does not stop just because we are quarantined.



k. tap

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