thought of the week: company versus connection

as things have started to move in different phases during covid, i have started seeing some people in ways that feel safe for each party involved to do so. even still, after seeing virtually no one for months in the flesh, i was able to reflect a great deal on the idea of loneliness.

so often, when loneliness is discussed, it is centered around being physically alone. this can be true in some ways. with me living alone, i went over two months without so much as hugging a single person due to quarantine. even with physical touch not being one of my primary love languages, i missed that piece of connectivity.

but here’s the thing: i have talked to countless people from clients to coworkers to friends who spoke at length about loneliness over the last few months even if they live with their partners, roommates, friends or family. it really made me take a step back and reframe how so many of us are taught about loneliness. i thought this quote summed it up perfectly…

“loneliness does not come from lack of company, it comes from lack of connection” -tahmina safi

i have come to realize that i have been able to go through more of the last few months than not without feeling lonely. this is because i am at a space in my life where every single person i am in contact with outside of work is someone i feel connected to on a level that goes far beyond the surface – so much so that even without physically being able to see them, i still felt aligned, valued and loved.

if you have been experiencing loneliness, it is worth asking yourself if you have blamed company or if you need to consider the connectivity.

i am absolutely open to hearing your thoughts on this below or if you want to contact me privately, feel free to shoot me a dm on instagram.


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