thought of the week: making others uncomfortable is okay

2020 has been filled with more difficult and complex conversations than at least the first 25 years of my time spent on earth combined.  whether it was about setting boundaries that felt good for me, talking about my experiences as a black woman in trump’s america or advocating for myself in the workplace, there have definitely been some ruffled feathers.


so you are probably wondering what the common thread was in the aforementioned instances? turning 30 has come with a lot of changes including a new level of self awareness.  i not only know who i am, i am comfortable with who i am and am loving myself unconditionally in the same way that i do each member of my inner circle.  sometimes, that is received well and other times, it is met with disdain, combativeness, confusion, and sometimes, even hate.


when i saw this quote, it really resonated with me:




“today i accept that becoming comfortable with who i am may make others uncomfortable.  and that is okay.” -faith broussard cade


i am no longer in a space in my life where the comfort of others is a priority of mine.  what would it feel like to let go of the weight of the comfort of others that you might be carrying (even if it is subconsciously)?



k. tap

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