thought of the week: i am most effective when my cup is full

a few weeks ago, i did something i have never done in the double digit number of years i have been in the work force. i asked our executive admin how many vacation days i had in total; both what i carried over from last year and from this year. the number took me by surprise. while i definitely believe in being prepared for an emergency and saving some for rainy day, my gut reaction surprised me. i briskly walked back to my office, opened my planner and started creating extended weekends for myself. and this was not because i had travel plans or events to attend, it was simply because i could sense that it is both what i needed and what i deserved.

this quote from faith broussard cade says it all (and then some):

“i do not have to work myself to the point of a BREAKDOWN to prove that i am dedicated to my dreams. i am most effective when my cup is FULL.” #fleurdelisspeaks

i love working in mental health. it brings me an insane amount of joy. even still, in order for me to show up for my clients, i have to show up for me, too. i am more effective when i carve out that time for me.

when is the last time you took a day off just because?


k. tap

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