thought of the week: your hard work should be celebrated

historically, i have been pretty fortunate to have amazing supervisors at my places of employment. this year is no different. working with her has helped me grow both as a person and a clinician.

when i am facilitating therapy groups, typically i start with “rose, bud, thorn” – a rose is a high point of the week, a bud is something they are looking forward to in the upcoming week and a thorn is something that was unpleasant during that week. while this is still a great way to start therapy, something my supervisor has us do during every check in is a “high, low, did well” – high and low are comparable to rose and thorn however a “did well” is something you accomplished/are feeling proud of. this got me thinking…

how often do we stop to give ourselves credit for our accomplishments?

if i’m being honest – i don’t do this often enough in my own life. do my clients acknowledge their own accomplishments outside of sessions with me? have we been taught that this is arrogant instead of being affirmative? when i came across this quote, it nearly leaped off the page.

“it is okay to be proud of yourself & your accomplishments. it’s okay to smile when you look at what you’ve achieved. your hard work should be celebrated. you’ve earned this.” #fleurdelisspeaks

in march, i am proud of being consistent with personal training, seeing many of my clients become stronger versions of themselves, prioritizing sleep and being more intentional with communicating regularly with my dad.

what are you proud of from the last month? how are you celebrating?


k. tap

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