queen of sleep

the very first thing i do when i get home from work is take off whatever i wore that day.  part of it is ritualistic and a way for me to separate my work as a therapist from my home environment.  the other part is solely about comfort.  the two things i am always most anxious to take off are my shoes and whatever bra i have on. i tend to lounge in one of two types of clothing – boxers and an oversized tank with a bandeau or a lace bralette or a simple nightie like this one…




i got this one from asos and am in love. it comes in sizes 12 to 28.  if you are not as full figured, here are some other great options from asos:





while i may not be the queen of sleep on sunday through thursday, one of the best parts about the weekends is waking up naturally instead of to the sound of a blaring alarm.  i have been trying to make an effort to schedule a bit less on the weekends to get more sleep or at the very least, schedule things later in the day so i can ease into my mornings.  perhaps this nightie will serve as inspo.


god bless our principal for giving us tomorrow off in addition to monday.  lord knows i could use a four day weekend.


enjoy the extra time off!



k. tap



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