michael kors large lexington watch

in 2013, during one of my many visits to seattle, i was shopping at nordstrom and was determined to leave with a watch.  at 23, i felt i was at an age where i should be wearing a watch daily and not simply relying on my iPhone to tell me the time. in the back of my mind, i also knew i would be starting grad school that fall which would include three hour lectures; i would definitely want to know what time it was without appearing to be distracted by my phone.


so here’s the thing – i had seen watch after watch that looked great but just did not look great on/for me.  i am a big girl and i have large hands and wrists.  so many watches looked tiny on my wrist and almost appeared like a thin bracelet.  i wanted something bigger and bolder; something with some weight to it.  i did not have a particular brand in mind but the representative said that michael kors carried the type of watches i was describing.  while i had never gravitated towards michael kors handbags (which were really in during that time), i was open.  i trust the employees at nordstrom with my life.  my nordstrom notes definitely back that up.


she brought out a series of watches that were exactly what i was looking for.  it really was a tough decision to find the right color.  i ended up with this beauty – a gold watch with a deep navy face.



*this is the only photo i have with the watch that started my obsession


that was the beginning of the end.  when this watch got a weird scuff on it that could not be repaired, my nordstrom representative offered to replace the watch.  unfortunately, my color combo was already sold out since it had been over a year.  then, i ended up with a two toned silver and gold watch with a black face.




a couple of years later, my friend alan bought me a beautiful two toned gold and rose gold watch with a rose colored face.  he had noticed i had been wearing more gold and rose gold jewelry and knew it would look great against my skin.




most recently, as part of my birthday gift, my mom got me this gorgeous michael kors large lexington watch in gold with a black face.  as with all of my michael kors watches (and most of my large purchases), she got it from nordstrom.  it is absolutely stunning and just so timeless.





i feel naked when i am not wearing one of these watches.  they are incredibly durable.  i wear them to work, to nightclubs, while i have moved apartments, while working out – i cannot think of a time in the last six years when i have not had one of these watches on.  i would highly recommend the michael kors large lexington watch if you like a bolder look.




if you are someone who likes something more dainty or lighter weight, here are a few of my favorites by mk:

  1. pyper leather strap watch in olive 
  2. maci leather strap watch in black 
  3. pyper leather strap watch in white 


what’s a piece of jewelry you can’t live without or feel naked if it isn’t on?



k. tap

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