thought of the week: there is almost no such thing as ready

i have said it before and i will say it again – i am a planner.  planning brings me an inordinate amount of joy.  there is nothing that compares to creating a plan, executing it and seeing everything come together.  but here is the trouble with trying to plan everything – sometimes, things do not go according to plan.  sometimes, there is a need to act even if there is a feeling of not being ready.  i had wanted to start a blog back in 2015 but as i said in one of my first posts, working multiple jobs and going to grad school full time was not going to give me the time i knew i needed to pour into it.  then, i moved back to la and started a new job + moved into a new apartment.  i still had this feeling of doing a blog in the back of my head and a google doc full of ideas.  for some reason, i still did not feel ready.  then in november of 2018, i stumbled across this quote…




“it’s a terrible thing, i think, in life to wait until you’re ready. i have this feeling now that actually no one is ever ready to do anything.  there is almost no such thing as ready.  there is only now.  and you may as well do it now.  generally speaking, now is as good a time as any.” -hugh laurie (best known for his starring role on the show “house”)


what exactly was i waiting for? a magical feeling?  a sense of peace?  i was waiting to feel ready.  then it happened – i realized i may not ever feel fully ready.  but guess what?


i launched this blog anyway.


it has been almost two months and it was the best decision i could have made.  it has brought me a new sense of meaning and purpose.  it has enabled me to connect with people i have never met and strengthen connections with people i already know and love.  it has truly reminded me that there are many of us having parallel experiences – none of us are actually alone.  and then i felt all of the things i was waiting to feel before starting my blog – a magical feeling, a sense of peace and a readiness  – a readiness to conquer anything.


what thing have you been postponing while you have been waiting to feel ready?  i would love to hear about it.



k. tap

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