nocking point

happy friday and first of the month!  did february zoom by for anyone else?  january seemed like a full year, meanwhile, i blinked and february was over.  in honor of it being the start of a weekend, i figured we should have a toast.


now, i don’t know if i mentioned this before but i am slightly obsessed with reality television and watch an embarrassing amount of bravo shows.  the ones that have really captured my attention outside of the real housewives franchise are summer house, below deck and vanderpump rules.  i think i gravitate most towards vanderpump rules because they are essentially filming in my backyard since i grew up in la.  it is an added bonus that the cast is entertaining and lisa vanderpump is one of my favorite housewives from real housewives of beverly hills.


three of the girls from vanderpump rules (stassi, kristen and katie) who are besties came out with their own wine recently called: witches of weho – basic witch potion no. 1.  it is a pinot grigio and i was dying to try it.  i then realized it was only sold by one place – nocking point.


when i went online to nocking point to order it after watching their instagram live, i ended up being persuaded by katie to try their quarterly wine club.  due to the insane snowstorm that hit washington state, there was a huge shipping delay.  and then, i ended up getting my winter 2018 wine box even before the witches of weho wine.  this ended up being a blessing in disguise as i am hosting some guests this weekend and now not only have a better of variety of wines from walla walla, washington to offer them (say that five times fast), i now have amazing coffee to serve my guests and these cozy socks to snuggle up in during the rainy season (we are shockingly still in).




this quarter’s box features:

  1. nv pacific coast pink – a brut sparkling rosé from new mexico with hints of strawberry, guava and pink grapefruit
  2. 2016 hometown red blend – a cabernet sauvignon/syrah blend from walla walla, washington with hints of oak and juicy red fruits
  3. 2016 year vi red – a cabernet sauvignon from washington state with hints of dark red and black fruits

*both reds are fuller bodied and while i typically gravitate towards lighter wines, when the weather is cooler, i definitely do not mind something fuller bodied.


the box, which included the three bottles of wine, a bag of coffee and badass socks was $99.  there is no cost for shipping once you are a member and for me, that made it an easier decision to make.


if you try out any wines from nocking point, let me know what you think!  also, if you already have your hands on a bottle of the witches of weho wine, i would love to hear your review.


cheers to the weekend!



k. tap


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