casual friday

happy friday!


one of my favorite things about friday (other than it being the start of the weekend) is that we can wear casual attire to work.  with this off and on rain we have been getting in la, my hair has been less than cooperative.  on the days were my mane is out of control, the item in my closet that has been saving me are these dad caps from forever 21.




the gray cap above is a faux suede and is ridiculously soft – it just molds to the shape of my head.  this is a big feat as my head is gigantic.  i literally compare it to the size of a watermelon on the reg.  when i first purchased this hat, it only came in gray and black.  now it comes in a green that i need to get my hands on (and a maroon).


another dad cap i ordered from forever is this black velvet cap…




this one has a wintery feel whereas i would wear the faux suede one year around.  for just under $10, it is worth stocking up on these while they are still available.


whether it is a bad hair day or just going for an athleisure look, these hats are now a staple in my wardrobe.



k. tap



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