blushing bridesmaid

something i have definitely appreciated about every wedding i have been in was the bride allowing each person in the bridal party to pick their own dress. while this may not seem like a big deal to some, unless all of your bridesmaids are similar in weight, height and shape, it is unlikely that the same dress is going to look equally flattering on each bridesmaid.

the wedding i was in most recently was for my dear friends, christine and karl. christine and i met in grad school and i do not know how i survived a casual 25 years of life without her.

photo cred: olivia smartt photography

one of the things that made the photos so beautiful (outside of olivia’s amazing skills and ability to direct us in a clear and concise way) was seeing each bridesmaid exude confidence in the dress they selected.

photo cred: olivia smartt photography

my dress was a convertible maxi dress from torrid. the color was dusty quartz, which really looked good against my chocolatey complexion. it also came in black and a deep merlot for those of you who are in weddings with a more sultry vibe. something i appreciated about this dress (in addition to the affordable price point of just under $120) is that i truly can wear it again. and when i wear it again, it can look like a completely different dress.

because the wedding was in the berkeley hills in winter, it was definitely chilly. i knew i had to have a faux fur coat for the occasion. i got it from asos and you can find the link in one of my previous posts about a winter weekend in san diego.

photo cred: olivia smartt photography

wedding photos are treasured for a lifetime. i am grateful to all of the brides in my life who wanted us to look our absolute best on their special day.

where have you purchased your bridesmaid dress(es)? were you allowed to select your own dress? i would love to hear about it.


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