puerto vallarta

since 2013, april has been a heavy travel month for me.  when i was in the bay area for undergrad/grad school, i would drive or fly home for family birthdays (both my brother and godson are on april 13th and my godbrother just a week later), try and get away for spring break and of course, coachella is always in april and this will be my fifth year in a row.  when one of my oldest friends from high school, jessica, invited me to celebrate her marriage to jon (a total sweetheart), i knew i had to make it happen.  when walking into my airbnb with my friends carolynn and tom, i knew i made the right decision when this was the view from our balcony without a filter.




after we got settled, we called an uber to head into town.  now, math is not my strength but when i tell you that this is one of the most inexpensive trips ever, i mean it.  most of our uber rides were $5 or less.  even my ride to the airport on the last day (about 25 minutes) was $9.  if you are trying to ball on a budget, puerto vallarta is for you.  anyway, we were determined to get some tacos and a cocktail and tacos revolución, a local favorite, did not disappoint.  we started with chips and guac which came with a variety of fresh salsas.  my favorite was the pineapple mango habanero – it had this subtle heat than lingered but was not at all overpowering.  both carolynn and i had the jalapeño margarita which was delicious.





what is missing are the tacos!  i was so hungry that i forgot to photograph them.  i had four street tacos – one grilled fish, one carne asada, one al pastor and one carnitas.  each one was served on a corn tortilla that you could tell was made in house.  as if the food and drinks weren’t good enough, we knew we were in the right place when the waiters had on these amazing shirts that my friend carolynn and i needed in tote bag form.



photo cred: carolynn 


we went back to the airbnb to have some cocktails and relax a bit before heading back into town.  if you know me, you know i am a bravo superfan.  i have been watching real housewives of orange county since season one, episode one.  i knew that if i was in puerto vallarta with someone who enjoys bravo as much as i do, we had to go andale’s.  so we did.  and lord have mercy, it was an experience.






the crowd looked like we were in an old dive bar in orange county – tons of tan white people singing along to oldies.  the margaritas were nearly the size of my head and three of them costs under $15.  the bar staff was ridiculously friendly and engaged with each consumer.  while it is not a place i need to go to every single time i am in mexico, i am definitely happy i can say i experienced it.


when we got back, i had to take a dip in our pool and it was everything i ever needed.



photo cred: carolynn 


on saturday, we went to the wedding at the hyatt.  to say it was gorgeous is an understatement.  jessica and jon aren’t one of my favorite couples simply because of how beautiful they are, but because of how beautiful the life is they are building together.  they are truly in sync and make each other the best versions of themselves.  it was an honor to share their special day with them.  here are a few of my favorite moments/views:




after the wedding, we went and partied at mandala (a nightclub with bottle service) and it was definitely worth the hangover i had the next day.




on sunday, before heading back to the airport, we had brunch on the beach and all were in agreement that something like this in la/orange county would be greatly appreciated.  to be just footsteps away from the water was not only breathtaking but helped cure my hangover.




it was the perfect 48 hour getaway and i would highly suggest it for anyone in california looking for a quick, beautiful and inexpensive trip.


if you have been to pv and have suggestions, i would love to hear them.  if you have any questions for me, let me know!



k. tap

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