thought of the week: the magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding

i have been following nazanin mandi for years.  while so many people know her as miguel’s stunning wife (and admittedly, that is how i initially discovered her years ago when they were still just dating), what compelled me to follow her was how multifaceted she was (and still is).  whether she is modeling, acting, singing or designing bathing suits that accentuate the beauty of a woman’s physique, she pours herself fully into each of her endeavors.  she also is ridiculously authentic, even openly talking about her issues with anxiety and completely normalizing things that we as humans, especially women, are often encouraged to feel shame around.


nazanin often drops little hints of projects she has in the pipeline.  while i think part of it is to keep us guessing about what thing she will conquer next, i think it is also about being held accountable.  once something like that is put out there, the world is then watching to see what is going to be produced.


when i was in the process of starting my blog, i would constantly jot down ideas and plans.  and while those ideas and plan were helpful, i was not executing.  once i finally published my very first post, it was completely liberating.


when i was in spain a few weeks back, i saw that nazanin posted a quote that captured what the process of starting my blog was like.




“people romanticize their plans but dread the execution.  the magic you’re looking for is in the work you’re avoiding.”


at the end of the day, i was looking for my blog to be “perfect” and in doing that, i would simply write down plans without actually doing the work.  there was something scary about potentially failing or producing something i could not be totally proud of.  even still, i was looking for something outside of my work that i was passionate about – something i could really pour into.  when i stopped avoiding doing the work and just did it, that is when the magic happened.


i then wondered what other plans i have romanticized without ever executing them.  what was i waiting for?


what work (that you have been avoiding) could you be doing to add a little magic into your life?


happy friday!



k. tap



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