from beautiful barcelona to married in mallorca



what a whirlwind.  it is hard to know where to even begin.


before i dive in, let me apologize for being mia this week – jet lag is truly a bitch.  that paired with me being maid of honor in a wedding today definitely took over this week.  i finally feel like i am back on a normal schedule so thank god for that.  now, onto spain!


i landed in barcelona on tuesday of last week (the 7th) and was feeling both physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted.  physically, i was exhausted from travel.  emotionally, i was exhausted because the day i landed was the two year anniversary of my grammy’s death which you can read about here paired with mother’s day being just a few days later while i would still be in spain.  mentally, i was exhausted because work has been absolutely insane the last couple of months.  to say this vacation was needed was an understatement.


upon getting barcelona, i checked into h10 montcada boutique hotel.  the lobby reminded me of a library you would see in a home with a lot of character that happened to have a bar in it – it was perfect for someone like me that likes to blog and read a ton.  the greeting was warm and filled with complimentary champagne.  the room was small but had everything i needed.  something that i noticed was there was no bathtub but i have found that to be the case at many hotels i have stayed at across europe.  for my next trip (if it is a lengthy one), that might be something i need to consider beforehand.


on that first day, my main goal was just to stay awake.  i found a little bar right by my hotel called tapa tapa.  i was able to enjoy patatas bravas (a traditional appetizer found in spain that consists of cubed potatoes covered in a delicious spicy sauce) and a few glasses of sparkling rosé.  a glass of wine is literally within one euro of a small bottle of water.  this was a blessing and a curse.  i am surprised i consumed any water whatsoever while was in spain.



after going back to the hotel, i got a bit more settled before going for a walk around the city to see the cathedral and find a place for dinner.  i stumbled upon this cute little restaurant – taverna del bisbe.  since the weather was decent, i figured i would sit outside and just take in some fresh air, especially after being on a plane for 10 hours to get there in the first place.



i enjoyed cava based sangria, paella and flan.  i have never had better paella in my life.  with me being a seafood junkie, spain was definitely for me.



i took a longer walk home just to see a bit more of the surrounding area in the event i did not get back to that same space the following day and stumbled upon some amazing street art.  clearly, the feminist movement is happening in barcelona as well.



on day two, i got some much needed sleep and had a reservation at pez vela – a restaurant that was highly recommended by my friend elisa (who lives in spain and was getting married later that week in mallorca).  i love being near the water and this restaurant being beachside was exactly what i needed.  i ended up spending over four hours at this restaurant.  the impeccable service made it easy to do so.



both the burrata and ceviche i ordered were outstanding.  everything was so fresh and i needed to just see the sun again after missing it for days both in la and on my first day in barcelona.



i went back to my hotel to do a bit more reading before leaving to go to a bar recommended by my girl, chinae, paradiso.  i was unsure if i was in the right place because pictured below is the front door which is located inside of a deli.



but once inside, it was moody and magical.5zz3HmDhSQC494iq1QvVMwSlSBhA0KSvqEokFIJwnNmg


i loved everything from the spicy specialty cocktails that were garnished with sprouts to the beautiful candle holders (that my friend hillary found for me on amazon from the post on my story and had waiting for me in la when i returned home) to the amazing locals i met who sat with me while i had dinner and a couple of drinks.




since i was in barcelona solo, i figured going to a bar was acceptable but did not think i should go and explore the nightclub scene.  all that means is that i need to return soon.  thursday morning, i had an early flight to mallorca.  luckily, the flight was only about 45 minutes.  as soon as i landed, i knew i was in the right place.  it was just breathtaking.  my hotel (melia palma marina) being right on the water made me insanely happy.  the room here was substantially more spacious and the amenities could make you never want to leave the hotel.


i had this sweet note from elisa and jose when i checked in and i could not wait to link up with them for a little afternoon day party.



elisa and i had not seen one another in over a year so being back together was the absolute best.  being together to celebrate her love with someone who truly understands, supports and adores her made it even better.  this is how i got to spend my thursday afternoon:


*the bikini is from torrid!


that evening, i got to spend some quality time with leslie, one of my friends and old roommates from college.  it was so good to just be on the same time zone (since i live in la and she is currently in new york).  i enjoyed calamari, tuna tartare and wine at this cute little spot – la chica de santa catalina.




on friday, leslie and i met up with our friends brittany and ryan for tapas and wine.  i was so excited to see them that i forgot to even take a picture of the food or wine.  however, there is nothing wrong with living in the moment.  brittany had rehearsal for the wedding so she had to run.  leslie and i stumbled upon this spot, cappuccino, and enjoyed some tapas and wine before going back to get ready for the welcome reception.



i ended up wearing an outfit from asos – a black bodysuit and peg pants to the event.  you can read more about that here.



it was a wonderful event filled with people who loved the bride and groom dearly.  i also think it amplified all of our excitement for the big day.9FE4EEB0-2CE8-4428-8DF4-B673B003B33A

*from left to right – brittany, leslie, elisa (the bride) and me


i don’t even know how to describe how beautiful the wedding day was.  from the church to the outdoor cocktail hour to the two part reception, everything just felt like a dream.  pictures don’t do it justice but we will try.




we left for the wedding at 11:30am and returned at almost 3am.  it was unlike any other wedding i have ever been to and we made some memories we would never forget.  to say i was exhausted the next day is an understatement.  i was pretty much in a coma until after 2pm.  i met up with leslie to enjoy pizza and burrata at a place right near my hotel.



afterwards, we went to the cute little gelato spot.  it was the perfect way to spend the afternoon.



leslie had to fly back to madrid and i did some packing since i had an early flight to barcelona the next morning before heading to la.  however, i couldn’t resist late night wine and tapas with brittany one last time in spain.


the trip was just extraordinary and i would do it all over again in a heartbeat.  i would definitely recommend staying at least 10 days to see more of what barcelona and mallorca have to offer.


to see more about my trip, head to my instagram and look at my spain highlight reel.


hope you are all enjoying your sunday!  i have to run to go get ready for my godsister’s wedding. 🙂



k. tap


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