living for my lilly lashes

when it comes to beauty, i keep it pretty simple during the work week unless i have parent meetings or special presentations and i tend to save my glam for the weekends or when i am vacationing.  whenever i have lashes on, i tend to get a ton of dms asking where i got them done or where they can be purchased.  while i have never had eyelash extensions (i don’t think i could handle the upkeep), i often wear strips when i am out on the town.  the only strips i wear are lilly lashes by lilly ghalichi.  i have been absolutely hooked since last november.


while i had heard of lilly lashes because i am a bravoholic and have watched every episode of shahs of sunset (how i was introduced to lilly ghalichi in the first place), i had never planned on purchasing a pair.  i used to just buy lashes from wherever and wear them once before discarding them.  then, my twin, anj, turned me onto the ardell wispies – they are beautiful and full strips without being too heavy.  they can be found at cvs, target or your local beauty supply and a pack of five sets is usually between $12 and $15. i remember liking that i could wear each pair at least twice and just loving the look.  that was until last november.  when anj was getting married, she made me a little gift bag and it included a set of lilly lashes to wear the day of the wedding.  the minute i saw them up close, i was in love.


there are TONS of lashes to choose from – all named after major cities across the world.  the pair i received (and have been wearing ever since) is called mykonos.  coincidentally, mykonos is one of my favorite places on earth.


i will admit – putting them on the first time was a bit of a struggle because the band that the lashes are attached to is on the thicker side and a little less flexible than what i was used to working with.  i now realize that this is a blessing for multiple reasons – they last much longer, are easier to clean for reuse and make my eyes look like they are naturally lined and i love the look of a sultry eye.


initially, i was wondering if they were going to be worth the $30 anj paid for them.  the answer is ABSOLUTELY.  i have worn the same pair of lashes from november about 30 times.  THIRTY TIMES.


i bought a second pair for my godsister’s wedding that was in may just so the makeup artist could have a fresh set to apply and after wearing the new pair once, i went back to wearing the old pair.


if you follow me on the gram, you know i was in mexico this past weekend on a cruise with my family celebrating my godmother’s birthday and father’s day with papa.  we had a more formal dinner on the ship one night and so i got a little dressed up.  naturally, i had to pull out my lilly lashes.




these are the same lashes that i have had since november 12th of 2018!  and honestly, i think i love them more and more after each use because they become even easier to apply and just curve to the shape of my eyes effortlessly.


we all have a beauty product that makes us feel like we are taking our look to the next level – for me, it is definitely my mykonos lilly lashes.  what product is it for you?


do you wear lilly lashes?  if so, what is your favorite pair?



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