shayla x colourpop

in the last three years, i have only added one new product to my makeup routine.  all of that changed a couple of weeks ago.


my friend stephanie swears by colourpop.  when i was visiting her in the bay, i tried these amazing shimmering dry oils (look out for a post on that soon).  i had never tried any of their products and was shook by how well it showed up on my skin.  naturally, i had to hit up my friend ashton because she works at colourpop and i wanted her to know that they are clearly making makeup for all shades.  after that, my love affair with colourpop began.


the two products i am featuring on today’s post are both from the shayla x colourpop collaboration.  the eye shadow palette is to die for.  the tones are warm with just enough sparkle.  it is called proceed with caution.




if you have been following me on instagram, you know i pretty much lived in the pool this summer so i am currently the darkest i have been all year.  even still, the shadows just pop off of my skin.  i did these swatches with my index finger and did not double swipe any of them.  there isn’t a single color i would not use.  and for $12, who could beat it?  get yours here.


now, onto the blush.  i have worn the exact same shade of mac blush since spring of 2009.  while i clearly love it, the blush from this shayla x colourpop collaboration has me thinking i might need a sidepiece.  construct could be best described as a rose gold shade that helps me glisten just enough.




the packaging is to die for and for just $8, how could you pass it up?  you can purchase construct here.




today on my eyes, i have hzrd as the main color covering my full lid, dead end underneath my brow bone and caution on my inner eye.  the blush i am wearing is construct (and i know it won’t be the last time i have it on).  i have had my makeup on since about 7:30 this morning and it hasn’t budged or creased!


i am excited to review more colourpop products as i try them.  even though i already know i love the shimmering oils, i don’t feel like that much glitter is work appropriate in my field so i will try to remember to document it this weekend.


do you have any products from colourpop?  if so, which are your favorites?



k. tap

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