100 posts.


it is crazy to think about how long it took me to get this blog going, especially because once i got started, it seemed to move at the speed of lightening.


whether you have been reading since my very first post, came in somewhere around the middle to read about my love for this year’s coachella or if today is your very first glance, i want to thank you for reading along + for tuning into my monthly questions with k. tap on instagram live.


i have learned a great deal about myself during 2019 and one of the biggest lessons was as a result of me starting this blog: i have decided to no longer wait until i feel ready to embark on a journey that could be magical because the reality is that i may never feel ready and i sure as hell don’t want to miss the magic.


this blog feels like my very own baby because it is the first thing i have done in life that belongs entirely to me and is being done just for me.  there are 100 posts with me keeping it completely 100.  there is something so refreshing, authentic, freeing and beautiful about being able to say that with confidence and certainty.


i have astounded myself with how my vulnerability through this blog has translated into so many of my relationships with family and friends day to day.  i have also been taken aback in the best way by how vulnerable so many of you have been with me after reading a post that just tugged at your heartstrings.  i really could not be more grateful.


i can’t wait for the next 100 and hope you will keep following this journey of mine.


with love,

k. tap



7 thoughts on “#100

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  2. Theophilus Little

    Congratulations boo!! i’m so proud of you and so happy to see that you’ve been keeping up with ktap 🙂 I def enjoy keeping up too!


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