thought of the week: trusting myself is key

a huge part of my growth this year has been centered around vulnerability. while i had already acknowledged that vulnerability can make me feel raw and exposed (but somehow is still totally worth it), what i had not been able to pinpoint is where the high level of discomfort stemmed from.

it was about trust. there had been times i got burned by people i thought i knew/trusted. then, i reached this point where i didn’t only have an issue trusting others. i had an issue trusting myself – an issue trusting my judgment.

i came across this quote on the instagram page of one of my childhood friends and i could not get it out of my head.

“i trust the next chapter, because i know the author.” -toby mac

my eyes filled with tears.

shockingly, the tears weren’t due to sadness or frustration. they were tears of gratitude for how far i’ve come. i am so proud of myself for getting to a place where i truly trust and value all that i bring to the table. i know myself better than i ever have before and that enables me to not only trust the next chapter, but be excited about the next chapter.

what would it look like to trust yourself fully?


k. tap

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