basic witch potion no. 2

i don’t know if there is a better way to spend a summer sunday than with a chilled bottle of rosé.


with me being a member at nocking point, i already get these awesome boxes every couple of months with three bottles of wine, a bag of coffee (something the pacific northwest is known for) and an article of clothing.  when i found out that some of the cast members from one of my favorite reality tv shows (vanderpump rules on bravo) was launching a pinot grigio with nocking point, that inspired me not only to become a member but to try out that pinot grigio once it was back in stock.  i was absolutely obsessed once i got my hand on basic witch potion no. 1 – it is literally the best pinot grigio i have ever had.  it pairs well with anything under the sun but i love it with my savory southwest salmon salad.


now, let me introduce you to basic witch potion no. 2 – the basic witch rosé.  it is light, floral and fruity.  it has a 13.5% alcohol volume so you get the perfect little buzz to make your sunday a fun one.  it is perfect on its own but i am excited to pair it with my shrimp tacos (which i promise to put on the blog sooner rather than later).



can we talk about how cute the bottle is? basic witch potion no. 2 can be purchased here.  you have the option of purchasing two, three, six or 12 bottles at a time.  i purchased two to start and immediately regretted not getting at least six.  learn from my mistakes!  while it is going to be tough, i am saving the second bottle for my next bravo night in with my fellow bravoholic and rosé lover, carolynn. “the only way to start the day is with this basic witch rosé” couldn’t be a more accurate quote to describe my mindset, especially on the weekends.


you may have noticed some writing on the stemless glasses – i was trying out my wine glass writers from my fellow aquarian sister, hillary.  if you are like me, when i host, i prefer everyone having the same glasses/stemware.  these metallic markers make it easy to identify everyone’s glass.  the wine glass writers come in a pack of three, are easy to use and even easier to wash off once you are done.  for today’s post, i had to shout out #witchesofweho and #roséallday on the wine glasses.



have you tried basic witch potion no. 2? have you tried basic witch potion no. 1? do you have a favorite? as of now, i can’t seem to choose.

happy sunday!


k. tap



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