at least i can pretend like it’s fall…

so i am sure you all remember my post from the end of september celebrating fall and all the wonderful things that come along with it like amazing candles and red wine, right?  well, that fall weather was short lived and yesterday, it was 90 degrees in la.  i almost allowed that to ruin some upcoming outfit posts i had but figured there are still new pieces i have that look like fall without it actually having to feel like fall outside.  let me introduce you to one of the latest additions to my wardrobe that is allowing me to pretend like it is fall…



this  sanctuary sundown duster cardigan pulled me in initially because of the color.  while this yellow can be worn in the fall, it also is a piece that i would wear during spring and summer (in the evenings, at least).  nordstrom was recently doing a special event where you earned 10x the number of points on every purchase so i had to get a couple of things, this duster being one of them.  it feels great against my skin, can be paired with denim, leggings or dresses and is light enough to not be overpowering on the warmer fall days but functional enough to knock the chill off.  at around $50, it was worth every penny.  this one just sold out so i have linked some of my other favorites in a variety of sizes at a similar price point:







have you already pulled out your sweaters for fall?  or at the very least, purchased a couple to add to your wardrobe?



k. tap



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