thought of the week: you are choosing

i have seen an abundance of posts in the last few weeks that touch on us entering the last 100 days of not just the year, but the decade.   many of them ask about how you’d like to spend those last days or weeks?  what kind of imprint would you like to leave?


i started to think about the last decade.  next, i narrowed it down to the last few years.  then, i thought about just the last year.  to say i have evolved would be an understatement.  in thinking about the shifts i have made to get to where i am, i thought both about how i had to get comfortable with the discomfort around change, and how choice played a substantial role.




“whatever you are not changing, you are choosing.  read that again.”


instagram really delivers some great content from time to time.


what haven’t i changed that i am choosing?


i choose to not sleep as much as my body really needs and deserves.

i choose to tackle more on my own that what is necessary.

i choose to be a bit too critical of myself.


here’s the flip side of this quote:


i chose to challenge myself to a year of saying “no” followed by a year of removing the guilt around saying that word.

i chose to get my masters in a helping profession.

i chose to move back to los angeles to continue both to foster important relationships and build a life i could afford (sorry, bay area).

i chose to start this blog.

i chose to get some of this excess weight off (i will always be a big girl but i want to be a big, healthy girl).

i chose to end relationships that were never or no longer reciprocal.

i chose to prioritize my own mental health with the same dedication and intensity as i do when it is one of my clients.

i chose to choose me.


committing to change has been an even greater commitment to the betterment of myself.  while i am still a work in progress, i noticed that what i have not changed is much shorter than what i am currently choosing.


what are you changing?  what are you choosing?  the good, the bad and the ugly?



k. tap




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