the ultimate matte lipstick trick

one of the things i am frequently sent dms about when i post on my story are my lips.  more specifically, i am asked about the lipsticks i wear.  so often, people are shocked when they find out that 90% of the lipsticks i wear are matte.


without a doubt, my favorite lipsticks are by kylie cosmetics by kylie jenner.  my go to color is true brown k which is like a neutral for us chocolate girls.  i typically buy the lip kits because it comes with a matching liner.  while my lips are naturally lined, it definitely prevents bleeding and just keeps everything in place across a long day or night.  i recently added in both fenty and colourpop matte lipsticks and i am obsessed.



*clockwise starting from top left – kourt k by kylie cosmetics, true brown k by kylie cosmetics, bad habit by colourpop, undefeated by fenty beauty and last but certainly not least, mary jo k by kylie cosmetics


here’s the thing – matte does not have to mean dry, cracked lips.  my solution?


smith’s minted rose lip balm.


Screen Shot 2019-10-18 at 2.36.22 PM


i wear it daily whether i have on lipstick or not because it keeps my lips perfectly hydrated without leaving an oily residue.  if i am in a mall, i will grab it from sephora to rack up those points but if i have no mall trips planned and need it immediately, i just order it from amazon.


on the days where i am wearing lipstick, i apply a layer of this to my lips at the start of my makeup routine, do my entire face (saving my lips and lashes for last) and then apply whatever matte lipstick i have chosen for that day over the minted rose lip balm.  more often than not, i do not ever have to reapply the balm or the lipstick because it all stays perfectly in place without looking dried out.


what are some of your favorite matte lipsticks?  or have you been avoiding them?  if you have, give this a try – i promise you won’t regret it.


happy friday, lovelies!



k. tap

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