saturdays are for sipping cocktails on the rocks

my time spent with anj and aaron is never short on good conversation or good drinks. typically, we drink a lot of wine as all of us are members at various wineries. during my most recent visit, we mixed things up a bit. anj asked if i had heard of the brand “on the rocks” before and ironically, i had just 24 hours before. however, i had never tried it.

the concept is brilliant. they are single serving sized cocktails that are created by a mixologist and all you have to do is pour it over ice. while i enjoy making cocktails, this would definitely help me cut down time when hosting while also providing variety for my guests.

in the bottles above, you can find both the cosmopolitan (vodka based) and the aviation (gin based). the aviation is what you see poured over ice – the flavors of violet and lemon were prominent and the color was beautiful, too.

there truly is something for everyone: old fashions, mai tais, jalapeño pineapple margaritas, margaritas and of course, cosmos and aviations.

on their website, you can type in your zip code to see what stores near you are carrying these delightful drinks. you won’t be disappointed!

sipping cocktails on the rocks is definitely the best way to spend a saturday.


k. tap

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