thought of the week: there are a million ways to say those three words

happy friday and here’s to the first post of 2020!

for those of you who have been following along since the beginning, you know i swear by the 5 love languages. with that being said, i am constantly trying to improve my relationships with the people i love by loving them in their preferred love language(s). i have many people in my life who truly love and appreciate words of affirmation and that is not one that comes naturally to me outside of big days (birthdays, graduations, weddings, etc.). while i have been working on it, this quote below made me chuckle because it is just so me.

“people don’t always say: i love you. sometimes it sounds like: be safe. did you eat? call me when you get home. i made you this.” –thinking humanity

i realized that while i may not say “i love you” as often as i should to those who i love, i do say it in a variety of other ways:

1. how can i best support you during this difficult time?

2. is there anything i can do to lighten your load?

3. can i get you a blanket?

4. what would you like me to make you do dinner?

5. are you getting enough sleep?

6. what have you done for yourself lately that is just for you?

7. text me when you get home.

8. i actively miss you.

9. this song made me think of you/here’s this playlist i made for you.

10. you improve my life quality.

i could make this list go on forever but you catch my drift.

are you already good at saying “i love you” or are you like me and need a little work/say it in a variety of other ways? if so, i would love to hear about them below.


k. tap

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