tequila tuesdays

it is no secret that i love a good cocktail – from my strawberry mules to my sparkling summer sangria, i never say no to something bubbly. when my beautiful godsister told me about these blood orange margaritas she’s been making, i had to have one. little did i know she was using a base that i love – on the rocks!



doesn’t that just look delicious?


so here’s what you need:


1. on the rocks – the margarita

2. blood orange italian soda

3. lemon

4. sugar

5. pineapple or watermelon


and for the instructions:

1. sit items in the freezer until ice cold but not frozen

2. apply lemon to the rim of your cup

3. dip in sugar

4. drop in the fruit (she uses the fruit in place of ice cubes and prefers pineapple but the market was out so we did watermelon which i will likely do every single time)

5. pour in the on the rocks margarita

6. top with blood orange italian soda (i would say 2-3 ounces is good)

7. stir

8. enjoy!

*i was sitting outside on a hot day so i added a few ice cubes to mine and it was perfect


this is a photo of me with the beauty (and brains) behind the creation above


if you try it, please let me know what you think!



k. tap

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