snagged at the half yearly

i am a huge nordstrom fan and the half yearly sale in december is definitely a time where my nordstrom card gets a little extra use. not only is it the holiday season, but a lot of my friends have december birthdays so why not knock it all out in one even swoop?

this sale, i snagged this amazing longline open cardigan by bp at the half yearly. it was originally $49 and was on sale for $29.40. i couldn’t leave it there when it clearly belonged in my closet/on my body.

photos taken by gracelyn bateman

i would describe the color as chestnut but it is called brown cattail. i don’t just love the feel and the look but i am living for these pockets.

you also may recognize this dress from my post about the veuve polo classic. in la, we are lucky enough to be able to throw on a cardigan to be prepared for winter weather.

while the cardigan might be sold out, i still want to know what great things you may have found at the half yearly sale.


k. tap

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