all (rose) gold everything

hi lovelies!


today’s post is short and sweet.  if you follow me on instagram, you know that i was in vegas the last four days celebrating my 30th birthday with about 30 of my closest friends and family members.  while i am going to do a full recap later this week (because it definitely requires more thought and energy than i have at the moment), i have not stopped getting dms about my wardrobe from the weekend.


even though i loved my outfits each night for different reasons, the most popular seems to be this rose gold, full sequined number from asos by john zack (courtesy of my great friends, reens and sam).


*pictured above with my dear friend, jess (who should honestly run her own blog seeing as how her fashion sense, design aesthetic, love for travel and commitment to health & wellness are on another level)


the dress was originally $103 (which was totally worth every penny considering the statement it makes) but is currently on sale for $82!


whether you have a party to attend or just want to feel extra pretty on a date or girls night out, this is definitely something that would spice up your wardrobe.



k. tap

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