thought of the week: the answer is obvious

even as a child, i was action oriented.  yes, i have great listening skills and that is part of why being a therapist comes naturally to me.  however, part of being an active listener is paying attention to other cues.  to me, a great listener is also an astute observer.  that being said, actions cannot be ignored.


the older i get, the more this rings true.  having turned 30 last week really reiterated the things i prioritize and one of them is not having to have the same conversations with people repeatedly.  someone can apologize over and over again but if there is no shift in their actions, are they really sorry?


that brings me to my thought of the week:




“the answer is in how they treat you, not what they say.”


it really could not be more simple.


so ask yourself: if you are having issues with a loved one, are you paying attention to more than what they say, but their actions?  what are their actions telling you?



k. tap



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