velvet vixen

i do not know why i avoided any shade of red for most of my adult life.  then, a couple of years ago, i realized i loved shades of burgundy, oxblood, etc. – you know, those deeper hues.


when looking for outfits to celebrate my 30th birthday last week, asos was one of the first places i browsed and it did not disappoint.  however, i was shocked when a friend asked if i had checked amazon out.  now, i get my groceries delivered every 10 days from amazon fresh and i won’t get into how many times per month i get a box or envelope from amazon prime, but clothes?  and more specifically, a dress to wear to a club?  and for a plus sized girl?


well, i decided to bite the bullet and i am happy i did.




to me, few things compare to feeling sexy in what you are wearing i definitely was feeling myself with this little velvet number.  and at under $30, i really got away with a steal.  you can snag it for yourself here.  in addition to oxblood, it also comes in black.


something i appreciated is that even while dancing (check out that second photo) in a short dress with ruching, it never rode up or had me feeling all exposed in the club.  that was crucial with the amount of dancing we did this last weekend.


i paired it with my faux fur coat from asos (which has honestly been in a staple in my wardrobe since january of 2019).  a faux fur coat and vest are both necessary pieces in any girl’s closet.  vegas in the winter can be a bit breezy and that same coat is serving me well while i am in boston for work.


tomorrow, i will be giving you the full vegas rundown.  it was truly one for the books.



k. tap

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