telecommuting essentials

working from home has been quite the adjustment but honestly, i am just grateful to still have a job AND to be allowed to telecommute during this pandemic aka covid-19. something i have noticed is this midday slump i have been experiencing. it is probably due to me not walking around from building to building on campus for meetings or just getting as much fresh air as usual.

well, even though it is late march, i am finally putting the french press my mom got me for christmas to good use. but what good is a french press without good coffee? luckily, my quarterly shipment from nocking point comes with not only three bottles of wine but an article of clothing and a bag of coffee.

the most recent shipment included a bag of medium roast coffee with beans from central america and east africa. it has subtle notes of fruit and bakers chocolate but what i smelled most was caramel. so naturally, i had to make my own iced caramel macchiatos.

at first, the french press was intimidating just because whenever i get coffee, i am rolling through a starbucks drive-thru or going to a local mom and pop shop. however, my friend annie gave me a coffee grinder (since she has four) and i decided what better time than quarantine to put the french press to good use?

not only was the coffee delicious but it was probably half of the calories of my typical starbucks order.

what are your telecommuting essentials?


k. tap

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