my main squeeze turns one – happy birthday, misu!

guess who is celebrating their first birthday today?!

my baby is officially a year old! while misu and i found one another in october, i truly cannot imagine my home or life without him. we found one another at just the right time. he has brought me an unreal amount of joy and reinvigorated me amidst a global pandemic. i am eternally grateful for his presence in my life.

who wouldn’t love that little face?!

if you find yourself looking for a cute tag, two tails pet company is the best! between this main squeeze one and a catchy one misu has in white and rose gold, he is covered in the event he gets separated from me. it truly gives me peace of mind.

“i’m lost – somebody call my mama.”

i couldn’t love misu (or these dog tags) more. cheers to his first trip around the sun.


k. tap

2 thoughts on “my main squeeze turns one – happy birthday, misu!

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