witches of weho potion no. 1

if you have been reading along, you know about my struggles to get my hands on the witches of weho potion no. 1 (basic witch pinot grigio) from nocking point.  because of how insane the snowstorms were in washington state, there was a huge delay.


well, let me tell you – it was well worth the wait.




it is ridiculously smooth.  so smooth that i drank the first bottle in place of dinner (unintentionally) the week it arrived.  it has an alcohol percentage of 13.5% which is higher than most of the whites i typically drink and there was absolutely no hangover whatsoever.


i would describe the taste as incredibly fresh and subtly sweet.


i am a sucker for an aesthetically pleasing bottle, especially if it has something catchy written on it.






now, if you are an avid bravo reality tv junkie like myself, then you know that this wine is produced by three wild women from vanderpump rules – stassi schroeder, kristen doute and katie maloney schwartz.  stassi is one of the most sarcastic people i have ever seen on television and i thoroughly enjoy her humor.  the line, “i’m not really sure what i’ve done to you, but i’ll take a pinot grigio.” is a line she said to a waitress and frenemy she used to work with at the vanderpump restaurants, scheana.  the part of the bottle i enjoy most is the line dedicated to ingredients – their pinot grigio is made from “the tears of your exes” – if that isn’t clever, i don’t know what is.


they, like myself, enjoy a wine that is easy to drink.  part of why they chose a bottle with a twist top is to make it that much more easy to enjoy.


tonight, i split the bottle with my friend rebecca over dinner.  we paired it with my savory southwest salmon salad and of course, we watched bravo while enjoying our second glasses.  it would be sinful not to.


if you are looking for a pinot grigio that is absolutely delightful to enjoy or looking for a gift for your friend who loved bravo, especially vanderpump rules, as much as i do, this would make the perfect gift.  the witches of weho potion no. 1 can be bought here.  i am hoping to see them produce more potions, especially a rosé.  fingers crossed!


what is your favorite white wine at the moment?  let me know in the comments below.



k. tap


p.s. for those of you who either don’t watch the show or are not from la, weho is an abbreviation for west hollywood, which is where the bulk of the restaurants owned and operated by lisa vanderpump are.




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